Thiele and Herbie Get the Giggles

Thiele And Herbie Get The Giggles

All of the chimps at Chimps Inc have different relationships with each other and play different roles depending on which chimp they are spending time with. This week, when groups were switched around so that Herbie and Thiele were together, the pair were caught playing and laughing. First, Thiele sat down next to Herbie and put her open mouth over his shoulder, while they both laughed together. Then they switched and Herbie did the same thing. Back and forth they went, then switched it up when Herbie touched Thiele’s nose and they kept laughing. We watched them, holding back giggles ourselves, and it seemed like the fun would never get old. Suddenly, in near perfect unison and without apparent warning, Herbie and Thiele dropped to the ground on their bellies, in the chimp version of a push-up position, facing each other and continued their chimpanzee giggles. They only stopped their games to eat, but continued making happy, playful noises the whole time. Herbie and Thiele are both chimps that can get grumpy and be difficult to get along with at times, but they truly bring out the best in each other. They seemed so happy to see each other and be back together and it was so lovely to see them get the chance to be carefree and silly.


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor