Alfonz was one of two Siberian lynx that called Chimps Inc.home.  He was born on May 10, 1998 and raised as a pet by a family who bred and sold exotic cats for a living.  In early 2000, the breeding facility where he lived suffered serious financial problems and could no longer take care of their animals, at which time Alfie and his mother, Katia were placed at Chimps Inc.

Alfonz arrived here with all four of his paws declawed, an inhumane and unnecessary operation commonly used in the exotic pet industry.  Despite this, Alfie still enjoyed stalking small prey that find their way into his enclosure.  Hunting is the purest and most natural form of enrichment and is something that many captive big cats never get to experience.  Alfie also enjoyed stuffed animals sprinkled with coffee grounds, cinnamon and lavender scents which were among his favorites.  He loved to rub his face and body all over the enrichment, just like a house cat with catnip.  Characteristic of his indigenous roots, Alfonz enjoyed playing in the snow during the winter. However, he adjusted to the hot summers at the sanctuary by lounging in his shady den beneath the juniper trees in his enclosure.

RIP sweet boy, you will surely be missed.  To visit Alfonz’ memorial page click here.

Lynx are beautiful and awe inspiring animals, and because of that they and other exotic cats have become popular within the pet industry.  While cute and cuddly when they are small, they quickly grow up to be powerful, dangerous and expensive pets.  As a result, many pet owners resort to inhumane management tactics such as declawing their paws and removing their teeth.  Others sell them to roadside zoos or other facilities where they are exploited for public entertainment.  Big cats are wild animals and deserve to be treated as such.  Support legislation to stop the breeding of exotic cats and keep them out of the pet trade and entertainment industry!

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Most of the residents at Chimps Inc. arrived here after years of living in substandard conditions in the entertainment industry or private sector.  Each of their stories are different and many are heartbreaking, but there is a common thread in every case: an emotional being that deserves a second chance at life in a permanent, loving sanctuary.  By symbolically adopting a resident, you are helping to provide spacious indoor and outdoor enclosures, connections to “family” groups, stimulating enrichment, and fresh, natural foods in a peaceful environment.

For a donation of $50, you will receive a beautiful adoption package of the individual of your choosing, complete with an informative biography, personalized adoption certificate, glossy photograph, an animal fact sheet, and a one-year subscription to our newsletter.

 *PLEASE NOTE: Adoptions are symbolic only and valid for one year. The animal does not actually go home with you. Donations made via animal adoption are used for the care, feeding and maintenance of the animals.