Herbie turns 30!

One of our residents, Herbie, just celebrated his 30th birthday.  We commemorated the milestone with a huge party sponsored by an amazing donor Ron.  We started the day by decorating all of the outdoor enclosures with streamers, presents, and all of Herbie’s favorite things.  The chimps knew it was going to be a good day and they let us know by pant-hooting and hugging.  Herbie was let out into the big outdoors first.  His group tore open as many presents as they could and searched the big outdoors for the nut and fruit forage that was tossed out.  Smarty pants CJ went to the garden by herself and opened all of the gifts in peace while Herbie and co stayed in the big outdoors.  After they found everything in the enclosure, each chimp was handed a fun, individualized toy that was wrapped up.


Herbie opens a gift

Topo’s group was let out next and they could barely contain themselves.  They searched the front enclosures high and low for all the gifts.  After they found everything, they received individual gifts as well.  When all of the excitement died down the chimps enjoyed the beautiful Central Oregon sun.  The day was capped with a delicious chow cake and some time with all the new toys.  It was a special day for a very special chimp.  We can’t wait for the next 30 years!