Emma Becomes A Teenager

Emma Becomes A Teenager

On Wednesday, April 15th , the Chimps, Inc. community celebrated our youngest chimpanzee’s 13th birthday. For Emma’s special day, our caregivers, volunteers, and current intern began the morning by setting up various play areas for the chimpanzees. We ensured that the Big Outdoors and all outside spaces were equipped with “Happy Birthday, Emma” banners, party hats, necklaces, and other goodies. As the decorating began, it was obvious that all seven chimpanzees were curious what the buzz was all about. There was excitement in all of the chimps voices as they attempted to peep at all the surprises that were to come that day.

Following setup, each chimpanzee was allotted a “Happy Birthday” gift bag. Inside were specific items that each individual chimpanzee is fond of. For example, Herbie was gifted a lovely straw sunhat, which he quickly modeled for us all. Jackson received collectable cards of his favorite band, One Direction. However, it seemed that the party goers were more interested in the apple juice boxes than the other items. The birthday girl knew it was her special day as she received a lot of love and attention, but responded in slightly coy manner. However, when it came to her birthday bag, she was not going to share the goods. As Emma received her gift bag, she immediately sprinted off from the other chimps. And who could blame her? She was the birthday princess after all. What an exciting day!

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Alana L., Intern