The Great Ape Cook-Off Round 5: "Chick, Please!"

Chick, Please

Are these chefs running out of ideas yet? Chick, please! Round 5 of The Great Ape Cook-Off features chick peas! Will the chimps be impressed?

What did you make?

Jen: I made chickpea pineapple tikka masala because I wanted to try something exotic with the chimps and I also love curries and Indian spices. I made the sauce using garlic, onion, marinara sauce, coconut milk, and added a bunch of flavorful spices including cumin, garam masala, curry powder, and tumeric. I used chickpeas in place of chicken for a great source of plant-based protein and fiber! The hardest part was the assembly-gutting out the inside of a pineapple half to fill with the brown rice and curry. I then topped it off with pineapple chunks and some cilantro to make it look pretty. Herbie was watching intently through the window to make sure the presentation was up to par.

Kaleigh: I made a crunchy chick pea and popcorn snack and seasoned it with madras curry, smoked paprika, and garlic. I’ve seen them in stores but it’s super easy to make your and I will definitely be making it again for myself. We had some small clear shopping bags donated which made for a fun presentation and helped get the chimps excited!




What did the chimps think?

Jen: Per usual when the chimps are introduced to new foods, they have pretty skeptical looks on their adorable faces. Jackson went straight for the pineapple on top, while Herbie and Topo both dove right in. Topo even scraped his out down to the pineapple skin, sucking out all the juice! CJ being the adventurous foodie chimp of the bunch, absolutely loved hers. Emma put hers down at first but then came back to it later and decided she kind of liked it. I thought this dish was delicious and I would definitely make it again for myself or friends!

Kaleigh: The chimps usually don’t get excited over plain popcorn but they loved this seasoning! There were definitely some loud pant hoots as I passed out the snack and lots of satisfied food grunts and chirps. The Madras curry power was all flavor with no heat so they really enjoyed getting to try a new flavor. Every single one of the chimps loved the popcorn and I was surprised to see that even picky Patti was making food grunts while snacking away. By the end, the popcorn was all gone, but it turns out that some of the chimps are not huge fan of chick peas and left most of them behind. Herbie was apparently a big fan of the spice blend and collected three bags of leftover, seasoned chick peas, only to take his time sucking all of the seasoning off and leaving the chick peas behind all cleaned off!


And the winner of The Great Ape Cook-Off Round 5: Chick, Please is….


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