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"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" Review

When discussing the new Planet of the Apes film, many people I spoke to seemed unsure of how I would react to it, since I have been known to strongly discourage my friends from seeing movies featuring chimpanzees. Chimps Inc […]

Shoe Fever

Because they were raised around humans, many of the chimps here at Chimps Inc enjoy very humanized enrichment, such as clothes, brushes, and tools. All of the chimps here seem to have a special affinity for shoes. Luckily there are […]

Tea and Biscuits with Jackson

Each and every chimp has their own way of eating their daily primate chow biscuits. CJ tastes a small bite of each one before digging in, Herbie gets his water bottle at the ready to soften the crunchy biscuits in […]


Here at Chimps Inc, our goal is to make sure that the chimps are happy. Sometimes, when we think about all that these chimps went through in their previous lives; exploitation, cruelty, confusion, abandonment, loneliness; we are amazed at their […]

Miss Thiele’s 28th Birthday Bash

Thiele is not usually the most human-interactive chimpanzee at Chimps Inc. She is friends with just about every chimp at the sanctuary and can often be found grooming another chimp but few volunteers get the pleasure of having a deep […]

New Studies in Ape Communication

Many animal lovers, including myself, would love the opportunity to speak with animals. Any person who works with animals would probably agree that clear communication would make their jobs much easier. I often see exchanges between chimpanzees at Chimps Inc […]

Tug ‘O War

Volunteers at Chimps Inc do not have direct contact with the chimps so we have to get creative with the ways that we interact and play with the chimps. Sometimes we blow bubbles for them or chase them around the […]

Like Us: Chimpanzee Personalities

This year, research from Georgia State University determined that chimpanzees have similar personality traits to humans and that they are structured almost identically. Researchers used questionnaires to access a chimpanzee’s personality and rated them on traits such as dominance, playfulness, […]

Open House 2014: Children Meet The Chimps

At our annual Open House / Hootenanny visitors arrived with many questions about the chimpanzee residents of Chimps Inc. I had the opportunity to talk a lot about chimpanzees in captivity and to dispel many myths. Truly though, the most […]

Patti and the Worm

Going around to hand out nightly treats with Chimps Inc. founder, Lesley, is always fun. It is amazing to watch how these chimpanzees interact with a person whom they’ve known for so many years, and something interesting always happens. This […]

The Trust Game

While cleaning one morning, I noticed Thiele and Herbie sitting very closely together and laughing. I paused what I was doing to observe them and saw that Thiele had her hand in Herbie’s mouth and both were laughing hysterically as […]

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Alfonz!

This week, we were lucky enough to celebrate Alfonz, the Siberian Lynx’s sixteenth birthday! Alfie and his buddy Linky were both very curious about the colorful streamers and banners hung up around their enclosures this Saturday. Alfie’s birthday was certainly […]