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Thiele And Herbie Get The Giggles

All of the chimps at Chimps Inc have different relationships with each other and play different roles depending on which chimp they are spending time with. This week, when groups were switched around so that Herbie and Thiele were together, […]

The Chimps Watch Us Cook

The prep kitchen at Chimps Inc is set up with a huge window, so that the chimps can see into the kitchen and watch what volunteers, caregivers, and interns are preparing for them. Usually, one or two chimps takes a […]


While the chimps demand the most attention here at the sanctuary, we can’t forget how important it is to keep our two beloved lynx entertained as well.   Like most cats, Alfie and Linky are solitary and don’t need as much […]

Playing Chase With Topo

Playing chase with the chimps is a fun way to interact with them safely. While Jackson outruns us quickly, playing chase with Topo tends to be a much slower affair. This week though, Topo seemed to be feeling particularly spry […]

Simple Pleasures

While we rack our brains to come up with new, exciting, and novel enrichment for the chimps, sometimes they find the greatest pleasure in simple objects. The other morning, I arrived to find Emma sitting in front of the window […]

The Chimps Get Goofy

This week, it seemed that some of the chimps were acting extra playful. Upon walking into the chimps’ night house Emma greeted me by making faces and wobbling her head. I did the same back to her and she became […]

Getting to Know the Chimps Part 2

One year ago, I began volunteering at Chimps Inc and soon after, wrote about what my first few weeks were like getting to know the chimps. Since then, I have experienced so many amazing moments with the chimps and have […]

Thiele And Emma Have A Girls’ Day

Thiele is one chimp that likes her down time but when she is ready to play she can be the life of the party. One day this week Thiele and Emma were inseparable. Emma didn’t seem in a mood to […]

The Chimps Get Spooky

In the days before Halloween, we were all busy preparing for the big day. Costumes were planned, special enrichment was made, and banners were painted. We filled the outdoor enclosures with goodie bags filled with pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit […]

Topo Tries Technology

Today while volunteering, between cleaning and making meals, I was finally able to see Topo give the new iPad a whirl! It’s so fascinating to view and think about the intersection of modern technology with the care of these ancient-seeming […]

Cooking With Emma

When I got here, I was making lunch for the chimps on my first day, and looking into the playhouse from the kitchen, I noticed Emma watching me at the window. I walked up and started talking to her and […]

The Chimps Comfort Each Other

Chimpanzees that are raised in captivity can develop abnormal behaviors and continue to deal with stress even after they’ve been moved to sanctuary and are housed in normal-size social groups and efforts are made to enrich their lives. These behaviors […]

Jackson is Growing Up

Everyone at Chimps Inc (and probably many of our Facebook followers) know Jackson as our resident mischievous teenage male. Just like a lot of human teenagers, Jackson enjoys roughhousing and stirring things up. Volunteers know that he is most likely […]

Everyone Loves Karen's Day

Every Tuesday, the enrichment calendar reads “Karen’s Day”. What does this mean? Long term volunteer Karen does an amazing job searching for new and exciting enrichment for the chimps and brings in a variety of toys, clothes, books, and more. […]

World Animal Day 2014

Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day! What a great day to celebrate! World Animal Day was started by ecologists at a 1931 conference in Florence as a day intended to highlight the plight of endangered species. Learn more about […]

The Chimpanzee in the Mirror

It’s no secret that chimpanzees can recognize themselves in mirrors and yet it is fascinating to watch every time we catch them inspecting themselves. This week, a compact mirror was placed in one of the outdoor enclosures as enrichment. While […]

Patti's 32nd Birthday Bash!

My favorite thing to see on the Chimps Inc’s Facebook page before my internship started was the chimps’ birthdays. I thought it was wonderful that the sanctuary put so much effort into making it a special day for all of […]

CJ Wants a Pair of Gloves

This week I was blowing up latex gloves like balloons and the chimps seemed very interested in this trick. Jackson made a play face and laughed at this but CJ seemed especially interested in getting her hands on the gloves. […]

Jackson and His Toys

Here at Chimps Inc we use lots of plush animals as enrichment for the chimps. While some of these toys are ignored, occasionally one of the chimps finds a toy that they absolutely love. Several weeks ago, Patti, who is […]

Chimps Cracking Coconuts

Last week the chimps each received their own coconut. While some of the chimps determined that breaking through that hard shell just wasn’t worth the effort, a few of them were determined to get the tasty treat inside. CJ was […]