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The Chimps Test Their New Enrichment

Yesterday, on intern Alana’s last day, we added a new piece of structural enrichment that she had built for the chimps to their large indoor playhouse. A seat that looked like roller coaster chairs was hung up from the ceiling […]

Quality Time With Herbie

We’ve realized recently that there is a shortage of stories about Herbie on our blog so I’d love to tell you about this special chimp for whom I have a soft spot. Because of Herbie’s traumatic background as a pet, […]

Welcome to the Snow!

As a new volunteer at Chimps Inc. it has been my pleasure watching the chimps run and play and explore in their playhouses and large outdoor areas, as well as occasionally relaxing in the sunshine during the last few 70⁰F […]

The Garden Hose Thieves

Today I stumbled upon two mischievous chimpanzees; one going by the name of Jackson, and the other by CJ, which fittingly, stands for Calamity Jane. At first I was just passing by and was distracted by the ever so playful […]

The Chimps Play With Mirrors

It is rare to find an item for enrichment that all the chimps can enjoy. As caregivers, we always appreciate opportunities to stimulate the chimps lives without the use of food. Last week, the chimps received a donation of mirrors […]

Earth Day at Chimps Inc.

Today the Chimps Inc. family celebrated Earth Day! This is a perfect time of year at the sanctuary to celebrate Earth Day, as the weather is warming up and our chimps love spending long days basking in the sun. Here […]

Emma Becomes A Teenager

On Wednesday, April 15th , the Chimps, Inc. community celebrated our youngest chimpanzee’s 13th birthday. For Emma’s special day, our caregivers, volunteers, and current intern began the morning by setting up various play areas for the chimpanzees. We ensured that […]

Jackson Makes Soup

Last week, the chimps received special goodies in recycled coffee cans as part of Herbie’s birthday celebration. After all the festivities had ended and the chimps had all calmed down from the excitement I passed by Jackson. He was sitting […]

Fun Day for the “Old” Folks

The group arrangements here at Chimps Inc always keep things interesting, and today was no different. Thiele, who hadn’t been with her sister Patti for a few days, made it clear that she wanted to spend some time with her. […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

                                            Today the chimps and staff all celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  The entire staff wore green and most of […]

Asking the Chimps for Help

Getting the chimps to come inside for dinner can be a real challenge some days, especially when the weather is still nice and sunny. This week, all of the chimps had come inside and were ready and waiting for dinner…except […]

Friday the Normal 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and so far nothing bad has happened!  I was expecting today to be erratic and full of trouble but it has turned out to be a great day!  It hasn’t even rained, though the sky looks […]

Jackson’s Big Project

I’ve written previously about Jackson’s fondness for dipping his primate chow biscuits in water to soften them up before he eats them. (Read more about this here!) This week though, Jackson took it to a whole new level. We set […]

A Photoshoot With The Chimps

A bright sunny day makes for a great opportunity for the chimpanzees to enjoy a late morning forage in the Big Outdoors enclosure. With plenty of donated greens and fruit to spread around the large enclosure, the chimps were in […]

Bonding With The Chimps

Today was pretty frigid here at Chimps Inc. I even saw a few snowflakes falling in the late afternoon. The chimps were able to play outside while the sun was out and shining. Emma made herself a nest inside the […]

Fun with Jackson

Jackson always seems to have fun, and today he was even more full of beans than usual, ready to be into everything. After the morning cleaning and food preparation was complete, I paid the rambunctious teenager a visit, and found […]

Fun with Spray Bottles

This week, the chimps received spray bottles full of water and juice as novel new enrichment items. At first just spraying the water into their own mouths (as we expected), Patti began spraying another caregiver and I with water as […]

Getting Approval from the Chimps

As I train to take on more responsibility around the sanctuary and learn new things, I find myself being constantly observed and judged by the chimps. While practicing opening and closing chimp doors around the sanctuary and learning their locking […]

Jackson’s Destructive 14th Birthday

It’s always a fun day here at Chimps Inc. when we get to celebrate a birthday.  Today was extra special because it is our resident jokester Jackson’s celebration.  Since Jackson is our most mischievous resident, we decided to make this […]

Topo and Thiele Have a Jam Sesh

I wrote recently about Thiele and Herbie having some fun, giggling, and playing games. Thiele also has a great relationship with our other resident adult male, Topo. When Thiele is in the same room as Topo, they occasionally play a […]