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A Letter to Santa?

Today is National Letter Writing Day; a designated day to put down those electrical devices and resort to the good, old fashioned, pen/paper method.  Who better to support this day but our chimp friend, Mr. Jackson.  Here he is looking very […]

New Executive Director at Chimps Inc.

November 20, 2014 Chimps Inc. Announces New Executive Director The Board of Directors of Chimps Inc. is pleased to announce that Marla O’Donnell has been appointed the new Executive Director.  Marla has over seventeen years in leadership experience, having built […]

Chimps in a Snow Storm

November brought freezing weather and heaps of snow to Central Oregon.  At Chimps Inc. we always have to make the best of everything Mother Nature throws at us and this storm was no different.  With the chimps inside all day […]

Jackson and the Office Chair

Enrichment comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s painting, puzzle feeders, toys, clothing, or even structural enrichment like hammocks and ropes, as long as it entertains the chimps and keeps them cognitively stimulated, we consider it successful. A novel object […]

Intern Testimonials

As I look back on the past four weeks of my internship, I really cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. When I think about all that I have learned thus far and all that I will still be […]

Remembering Maggie

One year ago today our beloved Maggie passed away suddenly from unexpected complications related to heart disease. She was only 23-years-old. Maggie was the perfect example of how ex-pet and entertainment chimps continue to suffer daily from the trauma and […]

Playing Chase with Jackson

Jackson is the chimp that reminds me most of a kid, which makes sense since he is an adolescent. After being here for a few days, I came out one morning, saw Jackson, and the look on his face clearly […]

Large and In Charge

Thiele, Chimps Inc.’s largest resident, is a big girl in every way. Big heart, big personality, and, obviously, big belly. You would think that such a large creature would have to heave herself around from place to place but Thiele is surprisingly agile, […]

Fun with Jackson and Tic Tac Toe with CJ

We were given some free time this afternoon to watch the chimps so I immediately headed to the chimp kitchen where there’s a large window looking into the Playhouse. Two of Chimps Inc.’s youngest residents, Jackson and CJ, were both lounging in […]

Goodbye and Good Luck, Allie!

Very recently the whole team here at Chimps Inc. has had to say goodbye to Senior Caregiver Allie Morgan as she takes the next step in her career and heads to Nigeria for a year-long volunteer experience at a primate […]

Fun with the Hose

Patti got my attention the other day by making loud raspberries as I walked past. As I walked over to her, she let me know she was thirsty by signing “drink” in ASL.  (To make this sign, form a horizontal “C” shape […]

Chimps Inc. is in the news!

Chimpanzee Heart Health Wednesday, August 13, 2014 a team of local Bend professional’s conducted echocardiograms (EKG’s) on two of our chimpanzee residents.  Thiele, a 28-year-old female, and Herbie, a 28-year-old male were chosen for the procedure due to their size and […]