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Storm Aid 2015

In the early morning hours of February 6, 2015 Chimps Inc. was hit by a devastating wind storm that lasted into the evening…[more]

A Windy Day

Today is the windiest day I have seen here at Chimps Inc. Topo, Thiele and Emma won’t even think about going outside into the Big Outdoors enclosure.  They have been camping out inside the playhouse.  Even when we tried offering […]

Emma and Jackson vs. The Big Scary Ball

On a recent bright and sunny day, an enormous red ball had been placed in the Big Outdoors for the chimpanzees to play with. A small crowd had gathered to see how the chimps would react to this interesting new toy, and […]

Thank you to our amazing interns!

Winter 2014/2015 Amy Atherton, AU Casey Barnett, AL   Fall 2014 Nathan Alexander, WA Amy Atherton, AU Megan Cole, MI   Summer 2014 Ari Benjamin, MA Kyra Laughlin, WA Nichole Slack, WA Adam Verrell, WA Miranda Hoffman, NY Kristen Palframan, […]

15th Annual Civil War Football Fundraiser

Check out the fun we had last year!            Thank you to our title sponsor Mid Columbia Producers, Inc. Additional dedicated sponsors…. we couldn’t do it without you!                                      

Whistling for CJ

It’s a beautiful day here at Chimps Inc. and all of the chimps are outside enjoying the clear skies.  However, it is a bit chilly.  The cold weather doesn’t seem to bother CJ as long as she has some blankets to […]

A Chowtime Shower

Recently, I was undergoing chow feeding training with Caregiver Rachel, passing out primate chow biscuits to each of the chimps. I had been very fortunate up to that point, all the chimps had shown impeccable manners. I’d just fed Jackson […]

Lazing on a Rainy Afternoon

It’s impressive how quickly the weather changes around here; just yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, and this afternoon it’s cold and rainy outside. It’s not exactly a ‘playing outside in the sunshine’ kind of day, and most of […]

Patti’s Cheery Day

Sometimes you wake up on the right side of the bed and just can’t help being happy, and Princess Patti was having one of those days! As I walked past the Front enclosure, I was surprised to see Patti lying […]

A Hat from Herbie

Herbie has found a new friend in Linda, one of our regular Tuesday volunteers. He gets so excited when she comes around. She hadn’t been out to volunteer for three weeks until yesterday, and so when she walked over to tell him […]

Humor Me, Topo

Behavioral training sessions with Topo are often more comical than productive.  Topo is always so resistant in showing us his intelligent side as if it were a weakness of sorts.  During sessions, he often exhibits a demeanor that seems as […]

2015 Goals and Campaigns

Get excited about our 2015 ideas, goals, and campaigns, and learn how you can help make them come true! . Green Laundry Campaign Did you know that Chimps Inc. goes through about 15 loads of laundry per day? Our current washing machines use […]

The Sounds of a Social Chimp

Grooming is an important social behaviour for chimpanzees, one that solidifies friendships and alliances, acts as a gesture of reconciliation after a falling out, and also plays a function in keeping their skin and hair clean and free from dirt […]

Sister, Sister!

I think I can speak for most interns and volunteers when I say that feeding chow biscuits is the favorite part of our day. It gives you a chance to interact closely with the chimps, plus, being seen as a […]

Christmas with the Chimps

The cries of excitement filled the air as sanctuary founder Lesley arrived (dressed in a Christmas onesie and a Santa hat!) with the chimpanzees’ Christmas Eve dinner — and so began the Christmas celebrations at Chimps Inc. Leading up to […]

Peanut Forage for the Chimps

                                      In the past week, the weather here in Bend has warmed up to more typical temperatures for this time of year, and […]

Letters to Santa

If Jackson could write a letter to Santa, it might go something like this…… Dear Santa, Well hello there, Mr. Claus. My name is Jackson but you can call me Jackson “Brown,” if you so wish. My letter to you is important […]

Making Friends

I have been at the sanctuary as an intern for two weeks now, and while I have loved just about every minute — from making fun enrichment such as blanket forts, to preparing the chimps’ daily meals while under their watchful […]

Solar Powered Patti

Sometimes, all a chimp needs is a hardy dose of natural vitamin D.  All of the animals at Chimps Inc. were rewarded with blue skies and warm rays of sun.  After what seemed like weeks of clouds, wind and rain, this […]