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Honoring Volunteers

As one of the caregivers for Chimps Inc, I’d love to express thanks and gratitude for the handful of wonderful volunteers that come each week, so eager to roll up their sleeves and help us care for the chimps and […]

Singing to Thiele

As I was walking through the Playhouse today, I started singing under my breath, and Thiele immediately got up and began walking towards me.  I sat down and started to sing louder and she came and sat in front of […]

Jackson Learns From the Best

Last night while Topo was still finishing up dinner in C cage, Jackson snuck into B cage in an attempt to take over Topo’s beloved nesting spot. He quickly began making a nest of his own but didn’t get very […]

Jackson’s Boo Boo

Today I was checking on a wound C.J. has on her butt. I was attempting to spray it with saline solution to flush it out. After a few minutes, she was no longer having it and retreated to her nest […]