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Giving Tuesday

.We exceeded our goal! . Thanks to you we earned . $5,280 . on #GivingTuesday 2017!   . . You made your donation double  and together we hit our goal! . Thank you for the gift of a brighter future […]

Recent Oregon OSHA Inspection

Chimps, Inc. Statement Oregon OSHA October 4, 2017 Inspection and Citation Notification Chimps, Inc. fully participated in an Oregon OSHA inspection in July 2017. We received the initial report from Oregon OSHA on October 4, 2017 and have already addressed […]

Leanna McGregor, Caregiver

Leanna was born and raised in Central Oregon, living most of her life in La Pine. Leanna attended Oregon State University where she spent 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in animal science. During her time at Oregon State she […]

Nick Chapoy, Caregiver

Nick grew up in Chicago surrounded by animals, where he gained a deep passion for animal welfare issues at a young age.  He graduated from the University of Montana with a double major in Comparative Psychology and Anthropology. He spent […]

Hannah Hutton, Caregiver

Hannah grew up in Kansas where she loved spending time outdoors hiking the Kansas wilderness with her mom, sister, and two dogs. She has been passionate about dedicating her time to helping animals in need since a young age […]

Sheri Karcher, Administration / Caregiver Support

Sheri moved to Central Oregon in 2006 from California. Sheri attended University of Phoenix where she obtained an MBA to further her career in underwriting and actuarial services. Animals have always played a significant role in Sheri’s life from furry […]

Vegan Sausage Challenge

Round 6 of the Great Ape Cook-Off is sponsored by Field Roast who generously donated a variety of vegan sausages for the chefs to cook up for the chimps. Using grains as the foundation of vegetarian “meat” has a long […]

Ales for Apes: African Rhythms

  Ales for Apes: African Rhythms   Let your senses explore the captivating cadence and visual poetry of West African drum and dance.   On April 7th, join us at Broken Top Bottle Shop to experience a beguiling and beautiful […]

American Greetings pulls chimpanzee greeting cards

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In response to criticism from PETA about featuring chimpanzees on some of its greeting cards, American Greetings Corp. said it is pulling those cards and purging stock images from its files that feature a popular chimpanzee named “Connor.” […]

2017 Topo’s Kids Camp

At Topo’s Kids Camp, kids age 7-14 will spend the day learning about chimpanzees, creating enrichment, getting to know the chimpanzee residents […]

2017 Meet and Greet Events

Explore the world of chimpanzees!   You will have the rare opportunity to meet our ape troop and staff, listen to chimp calls and tour the sanctuary. Due to the rescued animals’ sensitivity to crowds, spaces are limited to just […]

Chimps Inc. Gives Back

Every year the team at Chimps Inc. finds ways to give back to those we share the community with.  In the past we have served meals at the community center and this year we chose to sponsor a coat drive […]

Jackson and the Yummy Image

Oh, those lovable chimps.  The other day, caregiver Kaleigh and I were handing out the last “meal” of the day: a special, healthy offering we call treats. These tasty snacks are usually unique and creative. In the human world, we […]


May 10, 1998 – November 10, 2016

Monkeys as service animals being questioned

After getting advice from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, a Louisiana lawmaker says he is considering dropping his proposal to allow monkeys to be used as service animals for people with disabilities. […]

NIH vowed to move chimps to sanctuary, so why do so many remain?

Jody” was used for breeding and biomedical research. (Ted S. Warren/AP) Nearly three years after the National Institutes of Health announced that hundreds of chimpanzees held for invasive medical experiments would be retired to a sanctuary, relatively few have been so […]

The Chimps Get Their Nails Done

This week, I set out to trim the chimps fingernails. Some of them manage to keep them pretty short and tidy all on their own, while others definitely need some assistance. Thiele is one chimp who especially seemed to enjoy […]

More Than Just Animals

Taking care of animals is often more than just taking care of animals. For the small team of staff at Chimps Inc., we extend ourselves to realms beyond our natural being. To the best of our abilities, we strive to […]

Foods for Sharing

The chimps made me feel like a celebrity today, but it was the large tub of produce in my hands rather that served as the primary source of their excitement. ‘Tis the season for unique fruits and veggies that are […]